Re: Choc O Pain - Now Open in the Heights! Yum!

Posted by GrovePath on 2017/7/30 19:33:18
We love Rumbas on Central - but will check out Noches De Colombia -- btw the staff at Rumbas has become pretty English friendly over the years - and most of the servers are still there.


MDM wrote:

South_Sixth wrote:
People like HEIGHTS are why we can't have nice things.

He does have a point in regards to the prices. You don't have a critical mass of high income people in the Heights yet for high end specialty food. The places I see doing well serve food at a lower price than you would find in Manhattan, Hoboken, etc.

An example: Noches De Colombia which opened relatively recently is always packed. Given the portions and quality, the place is a really good deal.

There is a Gelato place farther North on Central Ave. Good product, but expensive when you look at what you get for $5+. The place is always empty when I walk by.

Side note: Giving a Thumb-Up to De Columbia. So far we have had two good dinners from them. My only criticism of the place is it is hard to find a server that speaks English. The staff swapped servers on us when they found out my wife (though she looks it) isn't from South or Central America. Trying to order over the phone is a lost cause for non Spanish speakers.

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