JC Schools

Posted by jcgurl on 2017/7/12 14:51:59
I'm looking for a good resource to research both public and private schools in JC (and NJ for that matter). I'm aware of a few sites that grade schools based on their test scores but those sites don't provide any information about the safety of a school or the learning environment.

I recently enrolled my child at Cordero for Pre-K but decided not to follow through after visiting the school and seeing its dilapidated condition, noting that middle schoolers are in the same facility as 3 year olds, and seeing a teacher berate a preschool aged child on the playground before huffing off to sit on a bench and look at her phone. I have read some positive accounts from parents who have sent their children to Cordero but I've also read accounts of bullying that went unaddressed. More than anything I want my child to be in a safe and nurturing environment.

Would love to hear about other experiences at Cordero or from parents who have opted not to send their children to JC public schools and any resources for private school enrollment.

Hoping not to get the usual JCList response that I should just move to the 'burbs. I've been in JC for 20 years.

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