Re: HC proposes $538 million budget with tax increases for 6 towns

Posted by brewster on 2017/5/19 12:24:24

MDM wrote:
Maybe NJ should do like CT and get rid of county government? ... _nj_bergen_county_la.html

How many are on the County payroll? 20,000?

And every one a patronage party hack. It's considered currency in HC, the County is like the Fed printing money. Once you're a "made man" in the HCDO you're taken care of for life, just look at Steve Lipski. After drunkenly pissing on people and resigning from the city council in disgrace, he turns up head of the city Economic Development Corporation, and then an assistant principal at Harrison HS for $122,532/yr. Anyone remember the guy with 2 full time government jobs, a teacher at County Prep and full time supervisor at JCPA? He must be well connected to get 2 plums!

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