Re: Basement flooding even after new check valve installed...

Posted by brewster on 2017/5/9 21:39:41

mfadam wrote:
Ugh. There is a square cut out of the concrete slab to access the main where they put in check valve and you can see dirt/ground all around the pipe. If that were to be filled in with concrete we would have less sewer overflow getting into the basement but would have to cut it open again should the pipe or check valve need work.

It's possible to line it with cement and still leave the access panel to the check valve clear. But you'll still have water surging under your foundation doing damage. 20 years ago the MUA ran a camera down the sewer of my street and declared it full of crack and offsets. Then they said the only way they'd fix it was if it completely collapsed. Somehow in the recent sewer work in HP it was declared sound, despite the dire diagnosis back then.

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