Re: Basement flooding even after new check valve installed...

Posted by KOCTEP on 2017/5/9 13:53:04
Your check-valve has very little to do with the flooding. It prevents raw sewage to come back into your home sewer system. It helps to prevent raw sewage spilling out of maintenance ports.

Your flood problems have to do with water table levels. Downtown sits very low to the sea level. The top soil layer has a certain amount of absorbancy. At one point when It saturated enough the water table raises. Your water comes from underneath.

You could try to patch the cracks in the floor. I am not sure you will succeed.

Ultimately the city has to split storm and sewer system, create sewer overflow storage tanks. It would cost millions and won't bring any votes on upcoming elections. So get on your bike lane and pretend it doesn't smell.

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