Re: chalk messages around downtown.

Posted by SOS on 2017/5/16 12:53:41

Monroe wrote:
The House has a Rooskie investigation, the Senate does, and the FBI will continue its own investigation. Firing Comey doesn't change any of that-keep in mind, though-with all the leaks out of Justice we haven't heard a single piece of evidence to support the 'collusion' meme so loved by the Democrats. Isn't that amazing, not a single thing. Even the FISA wiretap was based on the former British spook who was getting paid to come up with opposition intel-and gave us the 'hooker peeing on the bed' story, lol.

Comrade is correct just like he correct on GWB closing. Firing Comey no big deal. Our dear leader taking charge to make this Russia nonsense go away. So what if Trump companies get funding by mobsters tied to Russian intelligence agency? So what if Trump allows spies into oval office? Who cares if Trump shares highly classified information with top Russin bro's?


ZEMBLA - The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians

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