Re: chalk messages around downtown.

Posted by TonyTwoPoops on 2017/5/10 15:20:45

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Monroe wrote:
I may have to bike downtown today to see the billowing clouds of chalk dust, after our President took Chuckie Schumer's October suggestion and got rid of Comey. Wait, Chuckie was for it before he was against it??

Brillant move by our great leader Trump to end investigation into campaign ties with Russia. Similar move worked so well by Nixon. Liberal progressive democrats say this like throwing gasoline on fire. How can it fail?

Comey himself told Trump on three separate occasions that he wasn't being investigated for anything.

So no, not like Nixon. And "liberal progressive democrats" say all sorts of things, but none of them are usually true.

Lol. If you didn't have hundreds of posts on here showing what a proud racist you are I would really wonder how much money a Nigerian prince had swindled out of you by now...

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