Re: Cutting down large trees on Barrow Street

Posted by Dolomiti on 2017/5/8 15:22:40

bodhipooh wrote:

brewster wrote:
I recently learned that NYC chose to bury it's power & telecom lines in the 1st decade of the 20th century. Jersey, as always, still half assed.

Give it time. It's only been 100 years. Such advanced concepts take time to spread and take hold.

Yes, and I'm sure if they announced a plan to bury the power lines today, there would be an explosion of complaints by JC residents / JC List posters. Sidewalks torn up, short power outages, possible flood damage, the outrageous costs, and whatever pol recommends it will of course be pilloried and accused of taking donations/kickbacks....

Underground isn't a slam dunk, by the way. It's significantly more expensive to install and maintain, especially in developed areas; it's harder to upgrade; they aren't more reliable; failures are harder to locate; they're more susceptible to flood damage.

All that to save the occasional tree?

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