Re: Cutting down large trees on Barrow Street

Posted by tommyc_37 on 2017/5/6 14:58:21
What a shame this is. Two very large beautiful trees on a beautiful block. I'm assuming it was either due to the health of the trees, or their interference with the overhead wires. It's probably because of the wires, which is really unfortunate. They chopped up another tree just south of where these two were removed a few years ago, and it looks absurd to this day.

Jersey City and Hoboken are among the few urban historic districts that have overhead wires. Not only is it ugly in general, but it causes Jersey City to chop the limbs of these beautiful trees.

I'm realistic enough to know that Jersey City, due to the cost and Jersey City's complete ignorance of aesthetics, will never bury the power lines, but it is a real shame.

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