Re: Citing chain store ban, Jersey City aims to block new CVS

Posted by citybooster on 2017/5/19 14:56:51
That's good news. While I believe we should have a balance of businesses downtown and should do our best to make it easier on smaller operations to open up and stay competitive, this mish mash of a law was too heavy handed and not the way to go. It's important to keep a neighborhood with as local a character as possible though and not become like Manhattan or too many areas in Brooklyn, just chains and big boxes. There simply wasn't anything close to a problem warranting the kind of concern that necessitated having any kind of law limiting chains. Especially when this law was so haphazardly drawn, so random and unfair in application. At the time it was a poorly thought out solution in search of a problem that hadn't formed yet and thankfully, though it's taken more than awhile more reasonable heads have prevailed in its rescinding.

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