Re: Citing chain store ban, Jersey City aims to block new CVS

Posted by TwoBootsJC on 2017/5/9 11:29:40
Dear Friends.

Once again, untruths are running wild on JCList. So, for anyone interested in facts, here they are.

1. The food trucks at the farmers' market were illegal under Jersey City law. (Do the research.)

2. Over twenty Downtown restaurants signed a petition (not just Two Boots) demanding that the HDSID discontinue the "food court" it had created, illegally, to fill its own budget hole.

3. The HDSID was violating its duty to it own members -- us -- by running a competing business.

4. The only reason the food truck "food court" could exist was the massive subsidy that it received in the form of below market rent using public space -- a subsidy that no brick and mortar restaurant receives.

5. Two Boots has NEVER complained about any competitor that has to play by the same rules we do. We have New Jersey's largest pizzeria (and restaurant) right next to us. We welcomed them and welcome any other competitor, chain or otherwise, so long as they don't receive government support that we don't.

6. We fully support food trucks parking in legal locations.

7. The farmers market is flourishing.

8. There are more eating options than ever in the Downtown.

Finally, probably none of you know this, but we came close to going out of business. During our first three years, we lost money. Now, thankfully, we are doing well, thanks to thousands of loyal customers and Jersey City's growth. But the point remains, that opening a restaurant is a very risky business. Sixty percent of all restaurants close their doors within three years. This is why people who invest hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of dollars in restaurants become emotional about unfair and illegal competition.

Lots of love,

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