Re: Citing chain store ban, Jersey City aims to block new CVS

Posted by ThirdStreet on 2017/5/8 15:38:56
Chain stores with their mass and scale are able to procure everything at a lower cost. In additions they have very streamlined logistics and operations. They are able to and do pass on some of this savings to their customers. I am sure if this CVS was open, it would probably have lower prices than Downtown Pharmacy.


caj11 wrote:

Haggis wrote:
We like the ban on chain stores. It's not like they are so far away if one really wants to go to one...

Depends on what you're looking to buy. If the area where CVS was looking to locate was already saturated with drugstores, I guess it doesn't matter. Still, I don't like local government or anyone else deciding what kind of shopping is best for me. The capitalist system is far from perfect, but this is one area where government intervention is unnecessary and oversteps what consumers prefer. If you hate the chain stores so much, keep supporting the local stores as much as possible and don't go to the chains. But don't deny me where I want to shop.

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