Re: Citing chain store ban, Jersey City aims to block new CVS

Posted by caj11 on 2017/5/7 20:19:18

terrencemcd wrote:

caj11 wrote:
How many stores have to be part of the chain before the city considers them to be big, bad, evil and corporate?

10 or more locations within 300 miles of Jersey City.


Ah, that would explain why Two Boots got so riled up about this space restriction, as they have 12 locations and are considered a "chain", yet had no problem forcing the "local" food trucks away from Grove Street. Love their hypocrisy but that's another story. I haven't been in there since all that nonsense started. Their pizza was mediocre at best anyway.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about CVS being blocked from Jersey City, their stores were always a joke in my experience, having lived in the Washington, DC area before, but given the fact that Walgreens has bought up every chain that CVS didn't (including Duane Reade), the area needs the competition. Furthermore, I don't care for the local government intervening in the free market system, thinking it knows what's best for us.

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