Re: Main Library - reopening on May 1...

Posted by jcneighbor on 2017/8/8 17:12:58
Mr Smith,

Thanks for direct reply in this public forum. I've met with Ms. Gardner in the past and have seen inside. I'm well aware of the ADA issues and the power line relocation for the scaffolding.

So we still have another (incredible) year and a half to go? Wow-

My question remains unanswered as to the cost (so far) to the taxpayers for the past two months on this scaffolding. A direct answer would be appreciated.

Yes, work is going on inside. I know that. Why any scaffolding was put up on the outside months before any exterior work was even scheduled to begin makes no sense. And it's ugly and impedes the sidewalk on 3 sides of the building...

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