Re: 99 Ranch Market Grand Opening on 4/21 at 9am - 420 Grand Street

Posted by brewster on 2017/4/26 21:17:15

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anonymess wrote:
I just hope that the wonderful customer service doesn't fade with time.

Did you notice the signs over the checkout counters telling the clerks to smile and make eye contact? Mine didn't, but the woman at the soup counter totally did. I think it's hard culturally, I've rarely seen Asian customer service that did that, even when you're such regular somewhere that they know your order. The "customer experience" seems just not to be a thing.

You mean Chinese culture not Asian culture, right?

Perhaps I was overbroad. I wasn't prepared to be specific, but the counter example of Japanese service is true. Anybody remember the Chinese takeout on the SE corner of Jersey & Newark? The couple that ran it would yell at each other all day, never caring that the customers eating in might not consider it pleasant. Yes, most service in Chinese establishments except for the better restaurants is not engaging. Except for King Szechuan. I think one of the girls there has a crush on me.

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