Re: 99 Ranch Market Grand Opening on 4/21 at 9am - 420 Grand Street

Posted by GrovePath on 2017/4/26 11:14:42
They might want to shift to cooked foods.


bodhipooh wrote:

Bill463 wrote:
Went yesterday - wonderful! I do feel bad for the small fish store on Jersey. When the mayor comes to cut your ribbon on your new wonderful small business he never mentions this! So many ribbon cuttings on shop small but how many last here?

As mentioned earlier in the thread, perhaps the "small fish store on Jersey" should adjust their prices to remain competitive. As it is, that place is ridiculously expensive. It's hard to feel much sympathy for businesses that seem to try and operate in an alternate reality where market forces don't exist: know your market, know your customers, and act accordingly.

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