Re: Anyone know of a peditrician who is anti-vaccine or vaccine neutral in JC?

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The iron lung did not cure polio and was not used for that. It was used to treat the symptoms and allowed patients to breathe.

It is now almost completely outdated because of modern mechanical respirators.

Do you know why it also is outdated? Because of....THE POLIO VACCINE!

iron lung was invented to cure polio. period. another proof of mistake on part of mainstream medicine, along with arsenic cure. at least they were genuine, not like snake oil salesman.

You're not very bright, yeah?

bottom line is, you never prove risk. impossible. you only prove safety. you want pump into me the unknown? prove it is safe first.

The millions of vaccinated people living just fine with various vaccines in their systems is not proof enough?

Diseases I've never feared getting:

For the most part Tuberculosis

Because I've been vaccinated for them and so has almost the entire United States population.

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