Re: Anyone know of a peditrician who is anti-vaccine or vaccine neutral in JC?

Posted by EasyGibson on 2017/4/19 11:54:12
New parent, and I gotta admit that it's pretty terrifying watching somebody stick a needle in your perfectly healthy kid every couple months. You take a healthy baby and expose them to a risk of harm, they scream, the wound from the needle bleeds, and a box gets checked off on a list that is dozens long. It triggers your fight or flight response. You want to punch your doctor, grab your kid, and get the hell out of there.

You know why you don't though?

Because my Grandmother told me what it was like to watch a sibling die of whooping cough. Imagine choking, gasping for life, for 3 months.

Herd immunity only works if we all buy in. The argument that it's an individual choice is not correct. The NJ vaccination schedule takes place over several years, and isn't complete until well after children are allowed to enter daycare and pre-schools.
When you choose not to vaccinate your child, you're also choosing to expose MY child to risk, as your non-vaccinated child can be a carrier and can infect my child who hasn't yet received their vaccines.

OP, I feel you. I really do. It's an incredibly tough choice and it is an absolute fact that one in a million children do have their lives 100% ruined by vaccine allergies. A perfectly healthy child can become a vegetable. It's scary. Hopefully in the future there will be better ways of testing for these reactions.
For now though, you have to admit that one in a million is pretty good odds, especially when you look at the percentages of kids that had polio, measles, whooping cough, etc when our fathers and their fathers were younger.

I'd urge you to revisit the facts and really think about what you're doing, not with your child, but with mine. You're exposing my kid to fatal diseases in an urban environment.


Good luck with your decision. I understand how tough it can be.

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