Re: Anyone know of a peditrician who is anti-vaccine or vaccine neutral in JC?

Posted by AlexC on 2017/4/18 23:46:21
If you would be kind enough to let us know which child care or school you plan to send your kid, we can avoid sending ours there.


lipzilla wrote:
As I imagined, this is a very sensitive topic. I will leave you all with this. It should be up to the parents. We should have be forced to vaccinate. Every child is different, and more testing/research needs to be done to study the long term effects as well as the combining of vaccines during a given doctor's visit.

1) Please don't go comparing ingesting to injecting. When ingesting aluminum and/or chlorine, your gut has an opportunity to fed off the toxins. When injecting, your body has no chance of fighting the toxins.

2) Glyphosate- You are what you eat AND you are what you eat eats. In order other words, one of the ingredients in some vaccines is cow tissue. If the cows are eating the very grains that are being fertilized by Monsanto's Round Up, then guess what. It's in the cow tissue, and thus in the vaccine.

3) Thimerosal is still in vaccines as "trace amounts". That's a fact. You may not see them listed because the percentage is below a certain level but it's there. And again, any amount of toxins going straight into the bloodstream is troubling. Why not demand big Pharma spend a little money investigating ingestable vaccines?

Listen, doctors used to say a cigarette a day is good for the body. It's helps you relax. Blah, blah, blah. It took decades for the truth to come out about the negative consequences of smoking because the Tobacco industry used its money to influence Government. Vaccines is another big money business. A lot is at stake for these Pharma companies. I don't expect them to roll over. But I am willing to do the digging to make the best decisions for my family.

Hey your kids are vaccinated. Good for you. You guys have nothing to fear. Load your kids up with these vaccines. They will be protected. No need to worry by my kid and my parenting skills.

Listen, kids are sicker than ever. Cancer in kids is at all time high levels. Learning disorders are on the rise. Autism is spiking, especially among boys. The data doesn't lie. Something is going on. I have a hutch why. And it's shame that greed is getting in the middle.

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