Re: Anyone know of a peditrician who is anti-vaccine or vaccine neutral in JC?

Posted by Azul_the_Cat on 2017/4/18 14:04:09
Learning disorders and Autism seem like they are on the rise, but that's because the definition of these has been expanded to include many more children. I'm almost 40 now, but if the Autism spectrum was as wide it is now, I would have been classified as Autistic for sure.

I haven't seen anyone bring this up yet, I may have missed it, but the biggest reason to get children vaccinated is at a certain percentage of vaccinated people we all have herd immunity. Yes small cases will pop up, but they won't turn into major outbreaks.

There are some people with legitimate reasons why they can not receive some vaccines. It's vaccinating everyone else that protects them I would just have a plan in place to home school your kids.

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