Re: Anyone know of a peditrician who is anti-vaccine or vaccine neutral in JC?

Posted by lipzilla on 2017/4/18 10:56:36
1) In 1987, Congress made it impossible to sue the Pharma companies related to vaccine injuries. That's when Pharma realized that they could make huge profits from vaccines because there is no longer any downside risk from costly lawsuits. As a result, the number of vaccines kids receive today has gone from 16 shots thru age 18 to 67 shots thru age 18 from 1987 to 2017. Coincidence? I think not.

2) In addition, vaccines are not subjected to the same testing/scrutiny as medicine. They do not have use double placebo testing and the length of time to get a vaccine to the market is a lot shorter. As a result, vaccines require less R&D expense and thus another reason why vaccines are very profitable to pharma companies

3) Two wrongs don't make a right. In life, that's true. In science, that's true. Do you know the ingredients in a typical vaccine? Most vaccines contain aluminum, thimerosal (aka mercury) and glyphosate (aka the carcinogetic toxin found in Monsanto's Round Up). These are toxins folks and it is being injected straight into the blood stream. There is a possibility of it getting into the brain and cause a lot of havoc. And don't get me started about "trace amounts". It's going straight into the blood stream. Your body has no defense to that.

4) 75 cents of each vaccine administered goes into a vaccine trust fund. When someone is harmed by a vaccine, they go to vaccine court. Thus far, $3.6 billion has been paid out. The MMR can contribute to causing Autism. The effects are even more magnified in baby boys (especially african american). If a parent gives their baby, baby tylenol after the MMR to fight the fever, the Acetaminophen, the toxins in vaccine along with the baby's testosterone magnify the effects and increase the chances of speech delay, auto immune disorders and autism.

5) Peditricians main money maker is vaccines. Big pharmas pay out big bonuses to doctors who follow their vaccine schedules. Without vaccines, it is very difficult for peditricians to be profitable. The peditricians don't have your interest in check. There is a clear conflict of interest.

6) Big pharmas and CDC are not indepedent. Employees of the CDC routinely get lucrative job offers from Big Pharma companies such as Merck to join their team. CDC is essentially a marketing vehicle to promote vaccines so that the Big pharmas sell as many vaccines as possible.

7) The CDC cherry picks scientific data to suit their needs to make vaccines effective. What does "effective" even mean? It just means that the body has to produce anti-bodies when the vaccine is administered. The anti-bodies don't even have to prevent the flu/measles/mumps from happening. The very definition of "effective" is a joke.

8) All vaccines are tested independently. There have been no studies that research if two or three vaccines are given at once. There has been no tests if a flu vaccine and a hepitasis vaccine are given at the same time. Are there any synergistic effects? We don't know because no study has been conducted. Why? Because they know that the greater amount of toxins administered at one time, the greater the chances of bad results happening so why go there. Sometimes 3 to 4 vaccines are administered at one time. It doesn't make sense. No one falls victim to two diseases at one time. The combination of these vaccines are probably confusing the immune system and only bad outcomes can result.

You can scare me all you want. I agree that some vaccines are fine. But there are way too many and given way too close together and way too early in life. The truth doesn't come out because it is being suppressed by the very people who are supposed to protect your baby. There is no replacement for good nutrition. Your body is meant to fight off these diseases. If you are healthy and develop a strong immune system, you should not be afraid.

These vaccines can cause irrepairable damage to your precious child. It is irreversible. Your kid may never have a normal life, and your life will never be normal again.

I've done the risk reward analysis. Don't take your doctor's word. Don't take the CDC's word. Research the ingredients in your vaccine. They are hard to find. Ask you peditrician, what's in the vaccine? He probably does not even know. That's a problem.

Search the internet for the truth. When you hear the other side of the story, you may change your mind.

I have just tipped the ice berg on the facts. There is a ton more proof out there.

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