Re: Mayor Fulop Signs Executive Order Dedicating 10% to Future Tax Abatement Payments to JC Public schoo

Posted by Yvonne on 2017/5/14 16:55:24

JPhurst wrote:

If Mayor Fulop had kept his promise, the city's district and charter schools would be getting an additional $46 million a year, according to data from the city's budget. After nearly a decade of flat funding from the state, this is money our public schools desperately need.

Except that much if not all of that money would have been met by a reduction in state aid.

I agree that the tax abatement law, combined with School Funding Reform Act and the mandates under Abbott, create an incentive that administrations have abused to balance their budget. On the other hand, the laws could have been changed to require cities to allocate PILOT in the same proportion as tax revenue, to ensure that additions to revenue are not met by dollar for dollar declines in aid, and to allow Abbott districts flexibility in budgeting without having to submit school budgets to a referendum.

I don't agree with your math, our contributions to the school system was frozen to $72 million in 1990 when then Mayor McCann tired to cut the school budget. Then in 2005, our contributions have been increasing. Local taxpayers are now paying approximately $116 million. That is an increased on local taxpayers yet people who live in tax abated buildings also use the school system including charter schools which get their funding from our tax dollars.

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