Re: Mayor Fulop Signs Executive Order Dedicating 10% to Future Tax Abatement Payments to JC Public schoo

Posted by JCMan8 on 2017/5/13 22:42:09
Great letter that exposes Fulop's executive order as a complete sham.

The Jersey Journal article was poor because it omitted essential context. Namely, Fulop violated his campaign promises, flatly lied, and only now is attempting to address them. Here's the context from Brigid's letter:

"As a candidate for mayor, Councilman Fulop recognized the problem, promising in 2013 that if he were elected, payments from abated developers would be shared with schools.

"The City's tax abatement policy has long robbed the school system of necessary resources. New real estate development tax revenue should be allocated in equal proportions to the County, City, and Board of Education. Instead, the City allocates 100% of revenue collected through tax abatements for municipal expenditures. Under Mayor Fulop, the policy will immediately change," he said.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

If Mayor Fulop had kept his promise, the city's district and charter schools would be getting an additional $46 million a year, according to data from the city's budget. After nearly a decade of flat funding from the state, this is money our public schools desperately need.

Instead, Mayor Fulop nodded to his campaign promise only last month, promising 10 cents on the dollar from future abatements granted to the schools. At the moment, that will mean zero dollars for the coming school year."

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