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Posted by Stringer on 2017/5/13 18:05:09

Public schools 'long robbed' by Jersey City's abatement windfall | Opinion

By Brigid D'Souza and Ellen Simon

Mayor Steven Fulop completed a five-ward speaking tour in March, reminding each night's appreciative crowd that his administration didn't raise taxes the previous year.

Yet the Fulop administration has managed to increase the city's spending 10 percent during his term.  

It sounds impossible. How did he do it without raising taxes more? 

Fulop has credited an increased property tax base, more municipal court fines and more revenue from hotel taxes. But that's just part of the story.

The bigger part is increased payments from abated developers. (Which, in fairness, he's also credited.) The increase in payments from abated developers accounts for more than half the city's spending increase. Those increased payments are the No. 1 reason the city has been able to spend more without raising taxes.

What Mayor Fulop hasn't said: Those payments shortchange the city's public schools. ... jersey_citys_abateme.html

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