Re: St. Anthony's High School is Closing

Posted by Dolomiti on 2017/4/6 16:37:56

Mao wrote:
The hierarchy hates schools because they take work and require faith. The charter school industry is like heroine to pastors. He closes the school which had been creating a deficit for the parish of say 500,000 yearly. THen he rents it out to a local charter- call the Masonic Ethical Charter School whose values are diametrically opposed to Christianity. What does the pastor care? He now gets $40k per month in rent- income greater than his old deficit. He can pop the Veuve Cliqoue because now he does not even need to curry favor with those pesky parishioners who want to worship God. The pastor can now take even more vacations and ply his boyfriends/victims with bigger gifts.
When the Son of Man returns will there be any faith left on earth?

Would you like some vermouth with your bitters?

I'm pretty sure the RCC would prefer to keep schools open and the pews full.

I don't see any signs that schools like the French Academy are a grand violation of Catholic principles.

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