Re: Nor'Easter - March 14, 2017

Posted by Mao on 2017/3/15 17:54:59
Well maybe you don't follow the weather. If you did, you would know that it is a science and there are protocols for making a forecast. NOAA computer guidance ensemble on late Sunday and early Monday showed the storm tracking 50 miles west. Now the narrative on the web site asserted that NOAA did not for some reason believe this. Yet, they posted for the first time, Blizzard warnings for northwest NJ and southern NY. This forecast was based on the new trajectory of the storm which would have the rain snow line right through NY city so that there would be no blizzard in NYC or Hudson County. ANd in fact, there was no blizzard. We got, instead, like eight inches of sleet. Tough stuff to shovel and tough stuff to take in the face. But it is an entirely different storm. Principally, it lacked 1. white out feature of blizzard which is very dangerous; 2. the drifting feature of a blizzard which is also dangerous. 3. the accumulation mark of a blizzard which is definitional. The civil authorities clearly overreacted- NOAA should have changed its forcast at noon on Monday. The blizzard warning should have been downgraded to a winter storm warning. NYC kids could have gone to school and the subways could have run, and it could have been legal to drive on the roads. Most things would have still been closed but it would not have been so hysterical. We're not DC for Pete's sake! So that is sort of fake news. Or at least NOAA not doing its job. I was actually kind of glad to hear it. I looked out at 3:00 am and saw that the snow was not sticking to the roads and wondered why when I opened NOAA it still said blizzard warning.

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