Re: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Posted by suzychapstick on 2017/2/27 19:22:46
How would anyone have any idea they were supposed to ask for fresh donuts? It's like going to McDonalds and saying, "Please, not the fries that have been sitting there for three hours." (Someone's going to say, "I always ask for fresh fries!" Good for you.)

Anyway, they obviously hadn't been sitting there for just the 15 minutes I waited. Probably just the early morning pump out that were already boxed up. Not the end of the world. Thankfully it's almost lent and I can blame Jesus for avoiding Krispy Kreme.


heights wrote:

suzychapstick wrote:
We went on Monday morning. Hot Donut sign was on. Glazed donuts churning through the machine in the window. So I ordered a dozen glazed. We waited about 15 minutes to get the donuts at the other end (there were only about four other people in line). And we got a box of cold, hard, glazed donuts. I considered just leaving them there.

And yet you didn't. You should have gone with your first instinct. Granted the place should have had better signage with their "hot request" policy stated. Just surprised they were hard in that minimal amount of time, I heard they last for days.

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