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Posted by JonnyF86 on 2017/3/20 14:29:04
I wonder the same thing; I'm certainly not an expert on trademark law so I am not going to speculate. However, maybe they think since the chain Sprouts does not operate in the Northeast they are too far away to be noticed?


JCMan8 wrote:

JonnyF86 wrote:
This is not the same place. SFM is largely based on the west coast and is a chain a lot like Trader Joe's. A cheaper Whole Foods. When I lived in CA, I would shop there all the time - great selection, proves, and service.

The store in JC just used part of their name.


TheBigGuy wrote:
Yahoo Finance Blurb

A deal may be in the works in the grocery business industry. Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) soared in early trading after Bloomberg reported that privately held Albertsons was in talks with the organic grocer about a potential merger. A deal would add to Albertsons’ portfolio of supermarket brands, which includes Safeway, Vons and Shaws.

Wonder if they could get sued by the main Sprouts if they found out about this.

I don't think I could open my own fast food place and call it McDonald.

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