Re: Sprout(s) at 70 Columbus

Posted by JonnyF86 on 2017/3/15 16:07:56
Completely agree with others on here that the prices are absolutely insane, and their selection and layout is odd. The owners don't really seem like they know what they're doing.

I was looking for sliced ham - they seemed to have all of these high-end prosciutto, Italian sliced meats, but no basic ham (I usually get the Applegate farms).

I saw the produce section which was very limited, and the lack of meats. I did see the flower section too; I was wondering why they would have flowers but no meat and very limited produce??

The only reason I went in there was because I could not get an Amazon Fresh order due to the snow, and needed some essentials. I think Hudson Greene is much better; it's expensive and a bit far from our apartment, but the quality is much better.

And further, it bothers me that they ripped off the Sprouts name, which is on the west coast. Things like that bother me; be original!!

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