Re: Sprout(s) at 70 Columbus

Posted by Brooxie28 on 2017/3/15 14:14:55
Stopped by this weekend. Looks like the same type of products and owner as Hundson Greene Market. Some strange things:

- no fresh meat section. I asked and they do not have plans to offer this basic super market staple
- produce selection is small and didn't look fresh
- poor layout in general with checkout areas in the middle with no real way to communicate when someone is free to check you out
- entrance on Columbus was locked but entrance at path station was open

That said, they do have a flower area (in case you want flowers instead of chicken pork or beef). Their alcohol prices look no better / worse vs the other liquor stores in the area.

Essentially you can't do a full shop here. What's the point?

Truely disappointing. The owner missed the mark here. Idk why it's so hard to put in a decent grocery store in downtown JC. 6 min farther walk to the shop rite it is.

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