Re: Sprout(s) at 70 Columbus

Posted by TheBigGuy on 2017/3/10 21:09:20

Seagull wrote:

hero69 wrote:

ajf88 wrote:
Just saw a kid stick his hands in one of the cold buffets.

Inside is pretty nice but seems much more expensive than Shop Rite. One pint of Ben & Jerry's was $6.99.
one goes to a place like sprouts for convenience...not bargains

I'd rather walk the inconvenient six minutes to Shoprite than pay a 60% price markup. Those prices are ridiculous.

Oddly enough I was doing just that this afternoon. Walking to SR, I overheard a couple @ Columbus/Warren. The store did not have something very basic and the alternate selections were expensive.

Hard to believe there is something more expensive that that drug/food store @ Groove. At least the ice cream is cheaper now.

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