Re: Sprout(s) at 70 Columbus

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/1/30 20:59:22

suzychapstick wrote:
Does anyone know anything about the new market opening up in 70 Columbus? I'd read somewhere a while back that the space had been leased to Sunac Natural Market, but the signage up definitely says Sprout (or Sprouts) Sprouts Markets (the ones you tend to see on the east coast) have totally different signage, so I am not sure it's the same company.

I imagine it will be fairly small, but it would be great to have a place to stop on the way home from the PATH (when the Farmer's Market isn't happening ... and you know, before WF.)

A Sprouts would be awesome. For those not familiar with these markets, they are somewhere between a TJs and a WF. Definitely cheaper than a WF, good produce, kitschy (similar to TJs in style) and generally a very good place to shop.

I just checked the "Coming Soon" section of their website, but a JC location is not at all mentioned. I hope this pans out!

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