Re: Maternity ward at JCMC

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/1/11 14:04:16
I can second what richieveal said about Hackensack: the absolute best. My daughter was born there, and it couldn't have been a better experience. Great nurses, caring staff, everything was smooth. As mentioned, the food was great, and the recovery room was excellent. I believe it was a shared room (can't remember exactly) but I don't recall anyone else being there.

And, while his comment about feeling like someone is always watching you seems weird, I can also corroborate that. Babies are (or, used to be) outfitted with a special wristband that would set off alarms if it crosses the thresholds of the neonatal wing / floor. Apparently, there is a constant fear (if well founded, or not, I have no idea) that babies can be stolen by someone. It seems borderline crazy/paranoid, but I think hospitals are forced into these measures by insurance companies. Other than that, the whole experience in Hackensack was awesome.

One last thing: at the time my daughter was born, it was required that in order to leave the hospital with your baby, you had to bring along a car seat. No carseat, no baby released to the parents. We used to live down the street from the hospital (literally a half mile walk, or less) and my plan was to just carry the baby home, and that plan had to be scrapped in favor of a car pickup because of the car seat requirement. Not sure if those rules are still in place, or if they are/were unique to Hackensack, but I have heard similar stories from other people at other hospitals.

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