Re: Maternity ward at JCMC

Posted by richieveal on 2017/1/11 12:40:11
I had my daughter there 5 years ago and it was great. We have insurance and we were given the royal treatment.
My wife and I delivered first child in the city, at NY Presbyterian Cornell, which we thought would be the best because of its reputation. The delivery room was great but afterwards we were booked with another lady while she recovered. It was hell.
Our second was at Hackensack, which was like a 4 star hotel. The best but it was a little drive.
I would put my experience in JC very close to Hackensack say 3 star, not a 4 star because the food at Hackensack was actually amazing. Other than that I thought it was great and we lived only one block away.

My real disappointment with all these hospitals is that they really limit alone time with just the father. I was made to feel it wasn't my child and I must be in the vicinity of the mother at all times. It really pissed me off.

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