Re: Wow - LSC's Updated Plans for SciTech Scity

Posted by JPhurst on 2017/3/20 22:48:13
Going back to one of the original articles in the thread. ... _liberty_science_cen.html

"The council's unanimous action amends an existing zoning plan to create what the city calls a "science and technology district." The changes allow for construction of research and development facilities, labs, hotels, office space, restaurants and more."

I find it unbelievable that Boggiano and Yun voted to rezone, and now claim that they have to oppose a "giveaway" of "prime land."

Appraise the property? Sure. Make sure LSC can make good on its commitments? Sure, and the contract has provisions for that. Consider other options? Done already. Proposals for residences, hotels, and a convention center have all been floated and received no traction.

Do this by RFP? Why we LOVE RFPs! Except when they come out with results we don't like, such as the Ambulance contract, or the bid for Loews Jersey. Then, RFP's "don't take the important community connection into account" or something.*

(* With respect to the above, I actually think the city made the wrong decision in those two instances. The ambulance contract likely ran afoul of federal law, and the Loews had a lease upheld in court. Nevertheless, the RFPs came up with results that opponents would prefer to ignore.)

I fully understand concerns about the administration seeking to chase the shiny ring. While due diligence before and after the deal is necessary, the proposal is better than anything that comes along to date.

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