Re: Wow - LSC's Updated Plans for SciTech Scity

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/20 22:34:53

Monroe wrote:
In a perverse kinda way, the fact that the schools suck so bad here means that anyone with kids who can afford to move to the burbs does just that, unless they can afford private school. I'm not even sure what JC HS is local to Newport-where do those kids go?

Sadly, this is entirely too true. I know many, many couples that have left Jersey City after having kids. And, honestly, it is hard to fault them: paying for a private school, on top of paying a ton for property taxes, is simply not feasible for a lot of young families. Heck, I know a couple (currently paying for private pre K) that is already planning to move out if their kid that is about to enter elementary school is chosen to be bussed instead of getting to attend the one down the street from their place in Hamilton Park.

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