Re: Wow - LSC's Updated Plans for SciTech Scity

Posted by Monroe on 2017/3/18 18:45:15
Sorry, Dolomiti, I mistyped-it is 78 million. And in this link, the exec dir of the JCRA says that

'the Science center is currently raising 78 million of the 280 million cost and THAT WOULD HAVE TO BE PAID BACK FIRST FROM REVENUE GENERATED.'

That's what needs to repaid before the city gets a dime.

'Raising' and 'paid back'. Does that sound like a one way donation from supporters?

Do we know if they're borrowing against their endowment (if they have one), or will the city float bonds for this-who gives anyone 78 million with the expectation of getting it back without a plan, and that's before JC gets the land value back. ... y_top_story#ixzz4b5OgoHst

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