Re: Traffic Lights in JC Are All Out of Sync

Posted by OneSkirt on 2017/1/10 15:03:21

Annod wrote:
This was 2015. The button was stuck.

There are streets in Jersey City, that if you don't push the button, and depending on the time of day, the pedestrian walk sign will not change.

Ok, but given the timing changes of a few months ago that I outlined - this particular button problem is not a current issue. On the old JFK timings, you had to push the button from 7pm-7am M-F, and all weekend to change the light for peds to cross JFK. That's why the lights would stay green for blocks on end late at night and created a raceway for drivers. Now the greens change on a set cycle overnight to eliminate that.

There are definitely other intersections in JC (though I do not know which ones aside from JFK blvd) where automatic signal timing is in effect during certain hours. During such cycles, the ped buttons are effectively turned off an you cannot override a signal cycle by pushing it. Other times (like the old JFK timings), you'd have to push it to get the greens to turn red. I've asked a few times why signage cannot be added to these buttons to stat the hours the buttons are in effect and should be used. But its fallen on deaf ears.

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