Re: Traffic Lights in JC Are All Out of Sync

Posted by OneSkirt on 2017/1/5 9:24:46

I_heart_JC wrote:
there's a SUPER dangerous situation going on at the corner near Five Guys (Columbus and Warren Streets).

when you're crossing Columbus on the east side of the intersection, walking south, away from Five Guys, the walk signal coincides with the left turn signal, putting pedestrians right into the path of southbound cars turning left onto Columbus from Warren.

the signal, with its green left-turn arrow and white walking man, is literally telling people to cross while it's telling drivers to drive through that same crosswalk.

it's a tragedy waiting to happen.

I've reported it on see click fix, with no results. also posted photos on assorted facebook community groups. nada.

who do I reach out to?

I suggest reaching out to your Councilwoman, Candice Osborne.

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