Re: Traffic Lights in JC Are All Out of Sync

Posted by ChaChaWoo on 2017/1/5 8:32:07
Well, thanks for coming to my defense. I live in exchange place and work at Newport and indeed, I do walk or ride my bike to work every day.

When I bike, the lights are still an issue as I abide by the laws of the road.

That said, sometimes I need to drive on Washington street to get someplace many miles away.


bodhipooh wrote:

JCishome wrote:
I don't know your situation, so don't take this personally...but for many people it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk a mile. Maybe we could consider doing that?

This is not directed at you, JCishome. But, your reply prompted me to reply in general terms.

I am all for alternate / mixed modes of transportation, and for walking and biking to places whenever possible, but it is super annoying and puzzling when so many of the "pro mass transit" or "anti car" people try to tell every person alive that "you should just walk" or "bike there, it's only a mile". For some people or some situations, walking or biking are not valid options. For all we know, ChaChaWoo needed to drop off a heavy box at the UPS Store in Newport, or maybe he was picking up something heavy at Sears, or perhaps the trip to Newport was just a leg as part of a longer drive to run a bunch of errands. Yes, we should encourage people to walk and bike, and to use mass transit, but we can't be so blind as to be dogmatic about it. There are some situations when a car is a necessity, or perhaps a better choice.

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