Re: Traffic Lights in JC Are All Out of Sync

Posted by brewster on 2017/1/4 12:04:47

nafco wrote:
There are ways to do both. Out of sync lights are actually not an effective way to reduce the speed cars drive on major thoroughfares. A straight shot of greens may encourage speeders but out of sync lights begin to make drivers anxious and they try to speed off a green to try to make the next light before it turns red.

The solution is to time the lights so that they turn green as you pull up to them going approx. 30 mph. This will naturally slow cars down to avoid slamming on brakes before coming to the lights too early, but keeps a steady, slow and non-angering pace for drivers.

This is only possible obviously on one-way avenues and so its more successful in NYC where it has been proven to work, but out of sync lights are not the answer. Not sure much can be done on JFK, Washington and other 2 way boulevards though.

There are too many 2 way N-S streets in JC. A grid of alternating 1 way's would allow more flow, but timed and controlled as you say. For example, Palisade and Baldwin should be a pair of 1 way avenues, as should Central and Summit. Unfortunately there's no other 4 lane avenue to pair with JFK, but perhaps the other timed roads would pull traffic off it.

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