Re: Uber, Lyft, and traffic

Posted by JonnyF86 on 2017/5/16 11:07:44
That's a good idea. Yes, a lot of drivers will cancel or are not prepared to into the city. I had to go into the city early Sat. morning, didn't want to deal with the PATH since it always seems it's a disaster early weekend mornings. (Plus, the fact it was pouring out was a factor). So, I ordered a lyft to get me there quicker.

The guy picks me up, didn't have EZ Pass, so he had to stop at an ATM to get cash to go through the Holland Tunnel. I offered to pay but there was no way to back out the toll payment from the fare already charged.

I was shocked that this guy didn't have EZ Pass even if he doesn't like going in the city with all the toll roads around here. Plus, it would be cheaper for them too since the tunnels are discounted if you use EZ Pass...I just shook my head.

Hopefully this helps...


greenville wrote:
LYFT has introduced scheduled ride service where drivers are told where you are headed and at what time to pick you up before the trip happens even if it's a couple of days away. I highly recommend this if you're headed to NYC since a lot of drivers cancel NYC trips due to been NJ drivers. But with this you will most likely get a NYC TLC Uber who will gladly go into the city. Unlike before where a driver was matched to you 5 minutes prior to the requested time, the driver is told couple of hours before the trip happens so that they can set a time in their schedule to pick you up. Use code JCLIST for $10 ride credit on your first ride!

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