Re: Uber, Lyft, and traffic

Posted by greenville on 2016/11/30 7:21:24

WhoElseCouldIBe wrote:
If the driver's convictions were for nonviolent crimes, who cares?

Well if I'm taking a ride with a stranger who didn't go through an interview to get the job I would certainly want them to have a clean criminal record, or to get trained on rules and regulations of operating as a taxi, or a vehicle inspection to make sure the vehicle is not falling apart. But cheap asses like you would ride with Charles Manson himself if it meant you got a cheap ride. I wonder when Uber is going to get rid of the subsidies they are currently offering to drivers during rush hour, $2.40 for a fare with a subsidy is ridicoulous and without it not even ex convicts will drive for that.

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