Re: Uber, Lyft, and traffic

Posted by heights on 2016/11/29 19:04:48

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Wow, you can afford to live in downtown but you can't afford to tip a driver?! Here is a story of a driver who work 60 hours and only netted $350 (driver does not get vacation time or matching ss wages on that either). Uber won't put a psa since it will be bad for business and the bottomline since they paying for slave labor.

Do you tip your gas station attendant? Your cashier?

Why not? Can't afford it?

Yer goddam right, I almost always give those poor bastards a dollar with my credit car when I fill up, a lousy freakin' dollar on a $30-35 tank of gas is nothing and they are always thankful and attentive.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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