Re: Organized local group bike rides

Posted by iGreg on 2016/7/19 16:10:47

bodhipooh wrote:

Actually, the most likely culprit of recurrent, repeated flat tires on bikes is a need to install / replace the rim tape in your wheels. If your bike is new, stop by Grove Street Bikes and buy rim tape (you will need two rolls, at about 5 bucks each) and then go home and take apart your wheel and replace the thin elastic shit they put in at the factory. Replacing the rim tape is the absolute best thing you can do for ensuring you don't get flats from the tube digging into the spoke holes during rides.

Since putting these on my bike have not gotten a flat in months,
I ride hard jumping curbs and know all about pinch flats. ... tires/Marathon_Plus_HS440

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