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Posted by bodhipooh on 2016/7/19 15:12:42

T-Bird wrote:

JCishome wrote:
Sort of off-topic but probably applies to at least some people on this thread: Could ya not be one of those people who pedals up the West Side bike path at 30 miles an hour screaming GET OUT OF THE WAY!! at pedestrians and slower bikers? We get that you're training for the Tour de France, but:
A. you look and sound like a tool
B. eventually I will go totally insane and stick a broomstick in your wheel.

While I agree completely that the West Side bike path isn't the place to try to reach VO2 max, you hit on another issue as well: pedestrians.

In the areas of the path where things are most congested (from 58th street south and numerous other stretches to the north), there is a separate walkway for pedestrians. Pedestrians have no business on the bike path. Runners, sure. Roller bladers, fine. Adults on kiddie scooters - not the best look, but okay. But if you are just ambling along (probably either talking on your cell phone, texting and/or listening to music), for the love of god - please stay off the bikeway.

THIS. I am surprised that this is even an issue. The lanes are clearly labeled with stencils on the ground that indicate where riders and pedestrians should be, yet you still find lots of knuckleheads clogging up bike only lanes, sometimes erratically meandering while on their phones. I have even come across people pushing strollers on these bike-only lanes.

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