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Posted by bodhipooh on 2016/7/19 15:07:29

Frank_M wrote:

iGreg wrote:
... still gotten flat tires...

Are you sure that you’re getting flat tires from punctures? A couple decades ago when I was putting in around 200 miles a week, I had surprisingly few flat tires from punctures. The rest were all snakebite/pinch flats from bottoming-out on potholes, or not hopping far enough over railroad tracks and obstacles. Low inflation pressure will also result in more pinch flats.

A habit I picked up early on from a more experienced rider was to frequently brush debris from the tires with my fingers—and immediately after riding through something that looked suspicious. The theory was that it gave sharp bits less time to work their way into the rubber. You just have to watch that you don’t get your hand stuck between the seat tube and rear tire, so a good practice is to hook your thumb around the seat stay.

Good luck.

Actually, the most likely culprit of recurrent, repeated flat tires on bikes is a need to install / replace the rim tape in your wheels. If your bike is new, stop by Grove Street Bikes and buy rim tape (you will need two rolls, at about 5 bucks each) and then go home and take apart your wheel and replace the thin elastic shit they put in at the factory. Replacing the rim tape is the absolute best thing you can do for ensuring you don't get flats from the tube digging into the spoke holes during rides.

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