Re: Organized local group bike rides

Posted by T-Bird on 2016/7/19 11:12:27

Ralph_Abutts wrote:

Riding through River Rd, the main road below the palisades, is okay in the morning. Coming back though, cycling up top of the palisade is much nicer. Follow 9W south, passing through Fort Lee into Cliffside Park. From there I think the roads are by name Lemoine Avenue, then JFK Blvd East, the road that is furthest east up on the palisade. It is very intuitive, no map needed. Just keep heading south and you cannot go wrong. There's much less traffic, calmer roads, and you get unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline.

I do the same thing coming back. River road after about 8 or 9am on the weekends is too crazy.

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