Re: Organized local group bike rides

Posted by Sully on 2016/7/18 22:39:24
if you can work up to doing 3- or 4-hour rides, Jersey City is not a bad place at all to live as a cyclist.

Piermont via 9W and/or Henry Hudson Parkway (aka “River Road”) is a very popular destination for NYC-area riders, about 50 miles round trip from JC. So that’s probably a couple hours up, coffee/muffin/pee break, then a couple hours back. If you’re leaving early (i.e., 7 - 8 am) on a weekend, traffic on the way up will be quite light. Traffic will be heavier on your return trip, but after you’ve done it a few times you’ll probably get used to it - or you can allow a little more time and jump on and off the completed sections of the Hudson River path to minimize your exposure to traffic.

If you’re comfortable doing rides of that length, NYCC is a great option for group rides, at any speed / ability level.

If you’re looking for places to do shorter rides locally, Lincoln Park is really good, with the new 2-way protected bike lane around the main 1.3-mile loop in the park, and the lovely and easy off-road trails in the western part of the park, and along the Hackensack River waterfront through the new golf course.

Liberty State Park and the waterfront path south to Port Liberte is also excellent and very scenic.

When the Bayonne Bridge was open for bike/foot traffic, I did quite a few rides to Staten Island. That bridge was about 2/3 the distance as GWB, and less traffic, but once you got to Staten Island, you had to ride a few less-pleasant miles before you got to the good stuff. So those ended up being 3+ hour trips - with the option to take the SI Ferry and PATH from WTC or ferry back to JC if you desired.
Not sure what timing is now for Bayonne Bridge bike/ped facility to reopen - I’d guess a couple years & not holding my breath.

iGreg - correct - it is beneficial to carry some simple tools and learn how to use them, so you don't have to call your mommy if you get a flat or a boo-boo on your ride. Also, after you've done a few rides, you quickly learn where the glass/crap tends to be in the road, and how to avoid it - lessening the likelihood of flats / boo-boos.

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