Re: Organized local group bike rides

Posted by Ralph_Abutts on 2016/7/18 11:13:30
I am unsure what the status of the Bayonne Bridge is of late. When I did ride over it, it was a fun trek. Sometimes the high cross winds can test your mettle cycling over the bridge. I've then ridden the northern perimeter of Staten Island up to Ft. Wadsworth park/Verrazano Bridge, and then catch the free Staten Island ferry into NYC and go from there.

I have not done the 1/9 truck route bridge through Newark by bike. By car, it is not a pretty area to drive to say the least, but then again it is a truck route. That area, Newark, Linden, Elizabeth, etc. is much like Hudson County - densely populated, traffic lights galore.

I've done NYCC group rides whereby I take the PATH to Newark PENN, and then meetup with the group to ride NJ Transit to New Brunswick. From there we would ride nearby the D&R Canal, to New Hope, PA and vicinity. Ride down to Trenton, sometimes catch the train from there back to NYC/NWK/JC, or circle back through Princeton area to ride back to New Brunswick to catch the train. Another similar ride will do the covered bridges of that area of NJ.

Other central/south NJ, unconventional NYCC club rides ride entails one like take the ferry from NYC (or Paulus hook) to Sandy Hook and ride around Monmouth County.

I have also lead NYCC group rides out in Hunterdon County/PA border (accessible by car, only).

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